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In-Depth Video Highlights the Benefits of the CardioInsight 3D Mapping System

Since UVA Heart and Vascular Center acquired the CardioInsight™ 3D Mapping System in February 2017, UVA cardiologists have completed more than 130 cases utilizing this noninvasive technology — more than nearly any other hospital worldwide.

“As cardiologists, we would like to be able to offer patients the latest technology available,” says cardiologist Mike Mangrum, MD. “The nice thing about UVA is that we can. We have been continually supported in our efforts to determine how best to apply this technology to benefit patients.”

In the video below, Mangrum discusses two case studies that highlight the current applications of CardioInsight, including ablation for premature ventricular contractions (PVC) and atrial fibrillation (AF).

“We’ve found that really the best application of noninvasive mapping is for patients with persistent atrial fibrillation or those who have had ablation but have a recurrence,” says Mangrum. “The primary benefit of CardioInsight is that we have the ability to map both atria simultaneously looking for sites not previously targeted or locating areas that are difficult to find with a catheter.”

Watch the video to learn more.


UVA Afib Center: A Resource for You and Your Patients

UVA Health System has a dedicated, high-volume Atrial Fibrillation Center that offers specialized care and a variety of resources solely for patients with AF. The Center also has a dedicated phone line that allows referring providers easy access to consults, referrals and information about the latest cardiovascular treatments, procedures and technology, including CardioInsight.


Please contact Vicki Serrano at 434.924.0393 for more information.


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