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Ensure Your Patients Receive UVA-Quality Care During Air Transport

At a Glance

  • UVA Pegasus Air and Ground Transport is an extension of UVA Health System
  • Pegasus crew have direct access to UVA providers and inpatient care protocols
  • Pegasus transport is less costly for patients compared to other community-based medevac agencies

When you transfer a patient from another hospital to UVA Medical Center, you have a say in how he or she is transported. Here are some points to consider before you make that call.

UVA Pegasus Air and Ground Transport is the only agency with direct access to and knowledge of UVA services and providers, not to mention a commitment to the UVA inpatient care protocols that help ensure patient safety and a seamless transition to a new care environment.

“Pegasus is an extension of UVA Medical Center,” explains Tom Berry, director of emergency services at UVA Health System. “Our program has the whole of our specialty and subspecialty provider networks standing behind us.”

In fact, UVA takes responsibility for the patient as soon as the helicopter leaves the institution making the transfer. “The receiving physician at UVA has direct medical control after the initial assessment by Pegasus and throughout transport,” explains Berry.

Should you choose to make a transfer with a community-based medevac agency, Berry adds that legal responsibility for the patient remains with the hospital making the transfer until the receiving hospital physically receives the patient.

“Pegasus lifts the burden from the transferring facility so that they have capacity to care for others,” says Berry.

With a highly skilled crew that includes a registered nurse and paramedic specially trained in critical care transport medicine, Pegasus is an airborne ICU that makes hundreds of flights into UVA each year. “The Pegasus crew understands our internal systems,” says Berry. “Once they make contact with a patient at another facility, they immediately communicate back and energize all systems here at UVA so that the transfer goes smoothly. It’s not as seamless with other senders.”

Another distinction between Pegasus and for-profit transport agencies is the cost incurred by the patient for this service. “Pegasus is part of a nonprofit health system,” says Berry. “We have agreements with all Virginia insurance providers, and our rates are substantially lower than other community-based medevac agencies.”

Learn more about Pegasus.

If you would like to transfer a patient to UVA Medical Center, call 844.XFERUVA (844.933.7882).



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