Referral Services

We strive to make the referral process as easy as possible to ensure your patients receive prompt care and that you remain informed of their progress. Should you have a problem or require additional information, our experienced team of liaisons is available to assist you and welcomes your feedback. Each liaison provides a variety of services, including:
  • In-person visits to educate you on the resources available at UVA
  • Introductions to new UVA faculty and programs
  • Assistance with patient access
  • Facilitation of physician networking events
  • Distribution of UVA Health System printed resources and publications
  • Response to and resolution of your concerns and more
We know you have a choice in where you refer patients, and we thank you for choosing UVA as a partner in their care.
Our physician relations team
Liz Nottingham
Jamie Meyerhoeffer
Physician Liaison
Amy L. Cash
Physician Liaison


Margaret Bain
Physician Liaison



How To

find a doctor

Search for providers by name or specialty, or browse all providers. You can also refine your search results by languages spoken and gender.

refer a patient

To refer a patient, simply call UVA Physician Direct at 800-552-3723. A specially trained Call Resource Specialist will route your call to the appropriate clinic, ancillary service or physician. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through this one point of access, you can:

  • Arrange a physician consult
  • Be connected to a clinic or ancillary service to schedule an appointment
  • Follow up on an admission
  • Obtain lab/film results, medical record information, patient information and other miscellaneous information
  • Be connected to a Physician Relations representative
  • Order additional UVA Physician Directories

admit a patient

Call the UVA Transfer Center at 1.844.XferUVA (933-7882) to speak with an experienced RN Coordinator, who will connect you directly to the appropriate UVA physician via conference call. When a bed is available, the Center will notify the transfer hospital and assist with transportation needs if necessary. If there is not a bed immediately available, we will communicate daily with the referring hospital to update transfer status. We ensure that every effort is made to accept all patients as quickly as possible, and we will maintain an open line of communication with the transferring hospital and physician throughout the transfer process. The following information will be necessary to facilitate a patient transfer:

  • A demographic fact sheet
  • Patient history and physical
  • Current medication list
  • Discharge summary noting every transfer
  • Additional information as requested by our physician

All information will be e-faxed and saved into the patient’s Epic chart once the transfer is confirmed.

Stay Informed of Your Patient’s Status

A recent service provided by UVA Health System, UVA Community Provider Link (EpicCare Link), is a web-enabled, HIPAA-compliant tool that makes it easy and efficient for you and your colleagues to perform online tasks such as sending pre-visit information and reviewing results and documentation needed for follow-up care. Individual providers can also view filtered patient lists and see detailed information on a specific patient as it becomes available. This includes all upcoming and past appointments, transcribed visit notes, lab and radiology reports. If you would like to learn more about EpicCare Link and how it can enhance your referral process, contact Liz Nottingham at 434.243.2733 or by email at

Join the UVA Telemedicine Network

Telemedicine consultations are a cost-effective way for your patients to receive specialty healthcare from UVA physicians without having to travel to UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville. If you would like to offer telemedicine services at your clinic, please contact us via email at or by phone at 855.TMED.UVA to learn more about becoming a UVA Telemedicine Partner Site. If you are an existing Telemedicine Partner Site and would like to request a consult for your patient to be seen by a UVA specialist, please click here for instructions. For more information on the UVA Office of Telemedicine, click here.