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UVA Cancer Center New Online Tools Give Patients More Opportunities to Get Informed

UVA Cancer Center has launched Your Center, an online destination for patients and caregivers to learn, cope and grow through the experience of cancer. For those whose lives aren’t impacted by cancer, it’s a place to find expert advice on prevention and healthy living.

This social network will build a community of informed, proactive individuals who want to leverage the knowledge and resources available through Your Center to make the best decisions possible regarding their healthcare.

Written by expert journalists from, The New York Times, Newsweek,, and more, Your Center offers content on a wide range of topics in four main categories:

  • Finding Stability
  • Coping with Emotions
  • Managing Treatments
  • Being Well

In addition, the Research section will feature news from the lab, demonstrate how we’re translating the findings from clinical trials into everyday practice and promote awareness of the benefits and availability of clinical trials at UVA Cancer Center.

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